Kidtribe® Hoopersize Fit-Kit
Hoop and DVD Kit $29.99
  • Make Kids fitness FUN
  • Includes Indestructible Kids Hoop (won't break or bend once assembled)
  • Includes 10 award-winning fitness music, 10 Kids fitness DVDs, Learn the coolest tricks, routines, games and even cooking
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Fun and easy fitness! This program is easy to follow, totally cool, and utterly engaging for boys and girls, 6 and up!

The Hoopersize Fit Kit includes one indestructible KidTribe ProHoop, two DVDs, and one CD. Once assembled, the hoop will never break or bend. The hoop measures 38" in diameter, and weighs 1 lb. The larger size and diameter make it easier to hoop and master the tricks! The ProHoop accelerates calorie burning (up to 100 calories/10 minutes)!

Get ready to dance and exercise with 10 award-winning fitness music videos featuring Miss Kellee and the KidTribe Crew as they demonstrate the coolest tricks, routines, games, and cooking. Titles include HooperStar Tricks, Hooper-Size, Hoop Party, Hoop-Hop-Don’t-Stop, In the Kitchen with Dr. Hoopenstein, Hoopy Games, and What Up? Warm Up! In addition to the awesome videos there are also 7 super catchy original hooptastic songs! View our Hooptastic demo video.

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