Hooper-Size! ®

Hoop it up to the max! Nicknamed the “X Games of Hula-Hooping,” Hooper-Size is KidTribe’s signature program. Infusing hip-hop dancing with an oversized hoop, it’s a fabulous fusion of two enduring fads…

Dynamic chorography, awesome music, high-octane games, and challenging tricks for every level, this class is might as well be a party!

 But it’s so much more…

Hooper-Size is an effective core-conditioning activity. Did you know that vigorous hooping for 10 minutes burns the equivalent amount of calories to running an eight-minute mile?

Learn all the coolest gravity defying hoop moves. Play a ton of fun activities. Have a hooperific good time while also practicing locomotor, object manipulation, and isometric skills. Hoopers will shed pounds and strengthen every major muscle group.

Add that with KidTribe’s esteem boosting mentality, we “raise the roof” and hoop our way to health! Sweaty smiles guaranteed! Hoop-Hop-Don’t-Stop!

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