Programs and Production

Hoop it up!™ to the max! Nicknamed the "X Games of Hula-Hooping," HOOPERSIZE is KidTribe's signature program that's positively contagious and inclusively invigorating while tackling the childhood obesity epidemic.

Dynamic chorography, awesome music, high-octane games, fun activities, and challenging hoop tricks for every level, HOOPERSIZE feels more like a party! An effective core-conditioning activity, vigorous hooping for 10 minutes burns the same amount of calories as running an eight-minute mile. Hoopers shed pounds and strengthen every major muscle group and practicing locomotor, object manipulation, and isometric skills.

Add that with KidTribe's esteem boosting mentality, we "raise the roof" and hoop our way to health! Sweaty smiles guaranteed! Hoop-Hop-Don't-Stop!

Space Musical One
Space Musical Two
NASA's Space School Musical®

Pump up your STEM. Make science FUN!

A completely innovative, entertaining, and inspiring approach to teaching STEM and solar system studies, Space School Musical is an educational "hip-hopera" that raps, rhymes, moves and grooves its way into the minds and memories of students and educators alike. Totally fun and easy to implement, no previous science or performing arts experience necessary.

The turn-key program also features an adaptable curriculum teaching STEM through Academic Activities, Fitness Activities, Arts Activities and Life Skills Activities that engage the whole child and ignites a passion for learning.

Teacher Trainings available, free for schools and programs, sponsored by NASA. Call or email for more information.

Watch the preview/trailer of Space School Musical.

Little KidTribe

For the Mommy & Me crowd (dads welcome too!), Little KidTribe is a developmentally fitting, playful program that instills healthy messages, attitudes, and behaviors from an early age.

Little KidTribe's videos, activities, and exercises are fun for the whole family. The curriculum is indispensible for pre-school teachers and child-care providers.

Production Company

KidTribe Productions creates original award-winning programs that kids, parents and teachers love. From concept creation, to original music, to production design, to writing, choreographing, directing, and all the way to the final edit, KidTribe’s content is unique, educational, and positively entertaining. Whether it’s a music video, a web series, a PSA, TV show, or a musical, McQuinn and her team are a dream to work with.

Edgy-CationTM Cirriculum Design

KidTribe's original curriculum rocks. It jumps off the page and into kids' minds, hearts, imaginations, muscles, and memories. Easy to implement, KidTribe creates standards-based cross-curricular activities that reach every learning style while fostering self-esteem, creative expression and team building.

If you want to bring a subject to life, Kellee McQuinn and Dr. Gale Gorke specialize in creating curricula that engage students, evoke teachers' enthusiasm, and fosters a life-long love of learning.