Keynote and Emcee
Keynote and Emcee Keynote and Emcee

With infectious energy and a gift for communicating, Kellee McQuinn is an inspiring guide who puts a smile on everyone’s face while opening their hearts and minds with positive, motivating messages.

As an EMCEE, once Miss Kellee’s on the mic, there is never a dull moment or lull in energy. She hosts, hoops, announces, and entertains with superior spunk, spontaneity, and charisma keeping the participants going and action flowing. From the White House Easter Egg Roll, Nickelodeon’s WorldWide Day of Play to local community events, Kellee adds that unforgettable extra magic.

As an enlivening KEYNOTE, Kellee leaves the audience open-hearted, empowered, and moved with her with humorous anecdotes, uplifting stories, and thought provoking ideas. Her breakout sessions workshops are filled with turn-key, ready-to-implement activities. From audiences from a few hundred to several thousand, Kellee’s passion and oratory presence is not to be missed.

Keynote and Emcee

Check out Kellee McQuinn’s recent TEDx Talk about childhood obesity.

Keynote Topics

We've got the Power

Changing kids lives, changing the world.

Pump up your STEM

Make science cool. Tips and techniques for translating "boring" subjects into kids' hearts and minds.

Motivating Kids

How to lead children, influence their behavior, and get them engaged without the power struggle.

Born to Move

Solving the childhood obesity epidemic.

The Power of Purpose, Passion & Play

Making the most out of your life, every step of the way, living to the fullest every day.


Hoop it up, get healthy, be happy.

Energizer Break

Mini fitness session that gets the audience’s blood pumping and activates heart rates.