Kellee McQuinn
Founder and CEO

KidTribe’s founder and visionary, Kellee is nicknamed “the Pied Piper with a Boom Box" by the LA Times. Lovingly known as “Miss Kellee" by her enormous tribe of kids, she wears many hats and they are always color coordinated with her shirt.

The creative force behind the company, Kellee writes, directs, choreographs, and produces all KidTribe’s music, videos, content, curricula, and performances. She trains hundreds of educators a month on how to better connect with the youth and change their lives, the importance of being a role model, turn-key implementation techniques to create dynamic, cross-curricular programs.

Feeling most at home on a stage in front of 500 – 15,000 kids, Kellee is an energetic entertainer. Also an inspiring and powerful speaker, she key-notes for many prestigious national and state-wide education, obesity, health, and youth conferences. She’s been interviewed in featured news segments on ABC, FOX, BBC, KTLA, NASA TV, Scottish TV, and E!

A true advocate for education, after-school programs, and the health of youth and families, Ms. McQuinn plays an active role in advocacy work and legislation at both state and federal levels and is a key member for several collaboratives.

Dancing since she was in the womb, Kellee hails from New Jersey and is the daughter of a successful dance teacher and musical theater director. Having the good fortune to grow up with a dance studio in her home, she understood from an early age the power that music and movement have on one’s esteem and healthy self-image. At fourteen years old, she began teaching at her mother’s studio and after studying with top choreographers in NY, she headed to Colorado State University to explore her love of nature and philosophy while studying child development and dance therapy. Caught by “the bug," Kellee migrated west after college to pursue fame and fortune. While studying acting with master artists, she was featured in several television shows, national commercials, and Equity theatre productions. But then came 9-11… and Kellee took a long, honest look at her life. Re-inspired and re-committed to making difference in the world, she returned to her roots… dancing with kids.

Kellee resides in Venice, CA. When she’s not being Peter Pan, she enjoys writing, dancing, hiking, going to the theater, shoe shopping, text messaging, traveling, sipping on green tea and sharing a hearty laugh with friends.

Zach Tan
Zach Tan

Zach is a graduate of UCLA with a double major in Political Science and Sociology. He has been working in the fitness industry for over eight years and is very passionate about exercise and nutrition. A firm believer in the importance of good habits at a young age, Zach partnered up with Kellee to ensure the success of today's youth through improved health awareness, education, and FUN!

Janet Horn
Janet Horn
Master Trainer

Janet Horn has over 30 years experience as a master teacher and educator. From her dance studios in California to her yoga school in North Carolina, from toddlers to teens to senior citizens, she has managed, trained, and led workshops for thousands of teachers. She has used her BFA in Dance/ Theater and Bikram Yoga certifications to own an award winning summer camp and after school program and very successful yoga studio. Known by most as "Planet Janet" she has hosted orphans from third world countries and worked with children from all social and economical backgrounds. She focuses on multicultural education, "through loving ourselves we can accept each other's differences." She teaches non-violent communication and 'Victory Over Violence' in all her classes which include: dance, gymnastics, drumming, theater, mentoring, yoga and staff development. She has choreographed and directed large groups of kids in culture festivals, led a national educator's conference. and her most important project that culminates her life mission is teaming up with the brilliant Kellee McQuinn of KidTribe, Inc that will help create a positive shift for future generations while supporting educators to empower today's youth.

Gale Gorke
Gale Gorke
Curriculum Specialist

A dynamic speaker, trainer, and author, Gale is a veteran educator in the public school system for nearly 30 years. Specializing in both elementary and secondary levels, she has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, and administrators. In 2004 she created Kids Kan Inc., an international organization that specializes in curriculum design, staff development, activity selection, and program implementation. Her teaching style effectively models a keen awareness of adolescent development and brain-based learning principles, accommodating all students’ ability levels.

A sought after consultant, Dr. Gorke is the chief curriculum specialist for KidTribe and also helped to author California state guidelines for inclusion and physical activity in afterschool programming throughout the state. An expert in kinesthetic learning through team building and psycho-motor activities, she has created programs for nationally recognized youth organizations. Also on a national level, Gale has been instrumental in implementing grants funded through 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Carol M. White PEP grants, Mentoring Children of Prisoners grants, and the Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention grants. She presents and keynotes at many educational conferences and provides technical assistance for multiple school districts, County Offices of Education, and community based organizations such as YMCA, Big Brothers, Boys and Girls Clubs, Departments of Health and Welfare, AmeriCorps, and Conservation Corps.

Gale has served as an adjunct professor in the School of Education for both La Sierra University and Chapman University. Her Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction focused on academic intervention in afterschool programs and her Ed.S. is in School Psychology.

Devotees of "Dr. Gale" all agree that her enthusiasm is contagious. Her motto is "The best way to learn is through play and the way you show up for the game is the way you show up for life."

Shara Smallwood
Shara Smallwood
Lead Performer and Resident Choreographer

Shara is a kid magnet. They follow her every move. A sought after dance teacher throughout prestigious academies and afterschool programs in Los Angeles, she seamlessly blends technique, creativity, and fun into her charismatic teaching style as she brings out the best in everyone.

With a BA from University of Minnesota and over 15 years of master training, Shara most recently danced with Beyonce in the Superbowl Halftime commercial and the "We Run the World" music video. She can also been a featured dancer on Glee, and in many national commercials and videos. Her choreography credits include creating championship routines for National Collegiate Dance Competitions.

Hooperstar Crew

This vibrant group of terrifically talented teenagers are real role models. Featured in KidTribe’s videos, DVDs and live performances, they wow the crowd with their energy and abilities. The Hooperstars’ repertoire includes all things healthy and positive – where the audience is encouraged to dance, sing, shout, and ‘rock out’ in a heart-pumping party that’s an out of this world free-style frenzy of fun!